Living With Artificial Intelligence


Where Is The AI Now?

You may ask where is this Artificial Intelligence we are always seeing talked about in the media?
The answer is it is rapidly growing like no other technology ever has in the last 50 years. If we look in the past at our technological achievements we can identify the time period it took us to develop and install them into our society as a norm. For example mobile phones and personal computers took decades for them to be accepted and used in our societies everyday life. However AI is something which does not need time to develop.

Artificial Intelligence is already a norm in our society but we just don’t realise the part it plays. A lot of it is used to process orders online and other analysis. Gradually we are now bringing this AI within human contact with devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google. Our society as humans is making that demand grow for AI to be in our homes and to help our life become easier and convenient via weather questions and ordering groceries with your voice alone.

These are all stages of AI development without us noticing. Technology such as this is also being integrated into transport, offices and shops. Integration of such technology is always exciting and demanded everywhere to make our life easy and give us that time to spend either working efficiently or spending time with family. Now we’ll come back to efficiency later on.

AI has many benefits for the human society but it does have many downfalls which we are not considering or realising quick enough. Have you ever considered what would happen if we start depending on the AI more than we require and start forgetting what’s been in our human nature since we been on this Earth. Several questions can be asked when we start talking about AI. For instance what is our purpose if AI is being depended on and what will happen to our roles in society if we are seen unproductive and inefficient.

I told you we’ll come back to efficiency. If the AI is doing everything better than us then that is a major risk for us humans. No one is really thinking about this and seeing this as a threat because it all seems exciting at first.
Already in articles from around the world you can see them causing problems for our society. AI integration is already being considered for transport of goods at ports, public transport and the office environment. Many people will lose jobs to the AI at ports for efficiency and cost-cutting moreover same can be said with public transport.

Did you see where else the AI is slowly being integrated into?
Yes, Offices and workplaces.
Many of us in society aren’t saying anything or even referring to what Hollywood has taught us about AI in movies. We all know in movies the AI in some way or another develops at a level where it has self-awareness and determines we are the weak link.

Do you not personally think AI at out workplace is dangerous to us all?
From the many articles I have seen I was caught out with one regarding Amazon in April 2019. I had read that Amazon has integrated AI into it’s Human Resources for analysing it’s workforce and determining whether there employees (Humans) are efficient and productive to stay employed. It was amazing to read that the AI has been set to analyse a certain level of efficiency and productivity. If employees are below that standard they are first issued warnings and if it continues the AI sacks the employee without running it through any manager first.

Yes this is our future. Believe it or not other corporations will integrate AI to cut costs and make themselves competitive in the market if others are using AI. Offices will be run by Artificial Intelligence where us Humans will be under pressure to perform by a machine that has no sympathy for your health or personal life issues.

Personally I’m not against technology but if it’s something that will be our downfall or make us a society of dependent children who have to rely on a machine to do everything for us then we are not progressing as Humans.

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SimCity: Main City

This is the first city I created since the game launched in the UK. I can’t remember the name, I had to be clever and make a name which is hard to remember.

Below are some screenshots of how my city has improved. The population is 100k and 30k odd are visitors from other cities in the region, e.g. workers. I just love this game for it’s amazing visuals and the core gameplay.

This region is doing well financially because I am collecting the vast alloy and plastic waste from the city with the Recycling Plant and then exporting the goods. I am planning to make a garbage city and that will bring in a lot of money with hardly any effort at all.

Amazing Isn't It!

Amazing Isn’t It!





'Expo Centre' or something! Helps make money with events.

‘Expo Centre’ or something! Helps make money with events.

SimCity Beta

I got the key for SimCity Beta at midnight on Friday. I played the game for hours at night and it was amazing. There is much that I could say but it would be exactly the same as all the reviews that you may have read from other reviewers. What I simply want to say is that this game is visually amazing and the one hour to play is not enough. I was making so much profit on my 3rd attempt that I was spending money without any second thoughts. I had built two fire stations and actually added all the modules to many of the buildings.

My residential zones were becoming tall and beautiful while the traffic problems grew as time went on. Because it was a Beta I could not upgrade the roads and because of that the city services could not reach their destinations. The public buses were not able to handle the traffic or population growth and in time there were a lot of unhappy people. The game will be amazing when there are no restrictions and you are free to plan and take time to handle the issues.

I have been a longtime SimCity gamer since SimCity 2000. For many it will be hard to adjust or difficult to play if they’ve never played a game like this. I just knew from the start what to do and how to play it as if it’s natural instinct. My brain was working on so many levels and I can truly say that this keeps you thinking and making you an effective and efficient person towards problem solving.

Now I know why I am very good at problem solving and chose marketing as a career after years of education in it. It involves analysing problems and coming up with solutions when it involves the market world (example for market could be mobiles, hair products & etc). This also involves people and how certain actions can change their perception of a brand or promotion. SimCity is similar with changing people’s behaviour through analysing it just like companies do regarding consumer behaviour.

I hope this makes sense. If you have children you should buy this for them as it will help them become better at solving problems in the real world even if it does not involve placing a power plant.
Would you not rather want them to develop and have fun playing this game over any other games. They have their advantages but this is more user friendly and just has those elements that are safe for any age group. Even people who are old would find this game helpful because it would keep their brain active with new problems and solutions occurring in live simulation.

March 8 in UK can not come fast enough for people who understand the advantages despite the changes that have been made from previous titles. Change needs to be embraced in life and it is what has kept us alive and helped us to survive problems in difficult events.

Thanks for reading,
From Naveed.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 15 years to get that many views.

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