Pizza Pizza in Chillingham Road is the worst!


This takeaway is the worst. Delivery time was meant to be like 4.30pm we got it at 5.10pm. Plus the food was cold and had little pieces of chicken thrown onto the pizza like it was dog food. I mean go to Mumtaz and see their pizza’s. I mean who does Pizzas with just chicken and no toppings without charging £7.90 for a 12inch. £6.50 Mumtaz charge and they have all toppings with chicken tikka. Plus when we went to complain and get money back they fighted. I guess this is what you get from Turkish people who want to sell the lowest quality of food and call themselves great. If they are from Turkey then are aware that the food in the country is served much better than the ridiculous over-priced low quality they are providing. Just raking in the money by coming into this country by selling food that costs them very less. But seriously £7.90 for a pizza I received with no toppings and very little shreds of chicken stuck in the pizza. Not even full chunks of chicken. Seriously don’t go here!

They actually started a fight and said to get out and stated we got what we ordered because the menu says Chicken Tikka pizza. Who thought that when you order something like this from a menu it would just be the main heading, you expect there to be some topping at least. Plus back to the point this was £7.90 without the topping for a 12 inch pizza but with toppings I would be getting ripped off properly. Would be better to order from Domino’s Pizza if they are going to charge you £11 or more for a pizza which doesn’t even have proper chunks of chicken.

Seriously I hope someone serves them this type of food and it would be interesting to see if they pay for it and eat it.


Virtually Impossible to Find a iPad Mini!

I have been to every store and there are no iPad Mini’s 16gb white/black in either Newcastle or Gateshead. What is the point of these Apple Stores if they never have the products in stock and get told to order it online and wait 2 weeks. I feel very frustrated, disappointed and angry. Being an Apple loyal customer I feel as if Apple just don’t care anymore because of the success they have attained now because of us consumers. People will just go and buy some other tablet if Apple can not provide customers with the products they advertise daily on TV. What are Apple exactly doing as a company if they can’t provide. Apple seriously are losing customers and their loyalty if they are always out of stock and customers want to buy a Apple product. Some will just not come back.