You Can’t Have Everything In Life


I am a very lucky individual who has found a wife who loves me unconditionally. I have all her love no matter how much wealth or status I may or may not have. During my life on this planet I have learnt sometimes you have to sacrifice certain aspects in life to achieve something wonderful that makes you happy.

I don’t regret it but I had to sacrifice my lifelong ambitions and dreams of a career. I would give it up 100 times again for my wife’s love. If I had chased my dreams then I would have been too late and lost her to some other guy. I’d rather prefer a life of happiness full of someone’s love for you compared to being successful in your career but never finding unconditional love.

She loves me so much that it is amazing. Both of us have an excellent understanding of one another and can always compromise. Why would I want anything else when I am already the wealthiest man by having her love. That is all I need in life.

I understand there are many in this world who want more and this isn’t enough for them. I used to be one of them once. Then you realise even with the money in your bank and high class status you can feel quiet lonely if someone doesn’t love you for who you are. Many usually tend to use someone these days for their personal gain.

“Love” was a word that didn’t exist for me once because I thought I’d never be one of the fortunate ones who receive someone’s love no matter who and how I am.

Hopefully anyone who reads this can understand that your dreams are important but not if it means ending up unhappy and getting married on some compromise where there isn’t any true love. Money may be all around you but giving someone your heart is something you can’t put a price on. When you are loved by someone you feel completed and able to do anything for them.

I guess good guys finish last but with lots of love and happiness. All the waiting is worth it when you don’t follow other peoples lead and just have a string of unsuccessful relationships. Waiting will get you a partner that has the attitude you love. Several people force themselves to be blind and like someone’s personality that they shouldn’t and then end up hurt.

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You Can’t Control Life

There are always some aspects in life that we can not control. One of the most important elements in our lives is health and when you are healthy you have everything in life. However you can not control how your health may change at any given moment even if you live a healthy lifestyle. Many people won’t understand it because when someone has never had bad health then they can’t understand or be considerate to those who might be suffering.

Back to my point!
Life throws numerous obstacles in front of us and sometimes were lucky to miss them and sometimes we walk right into them and get harmed (health, financially, friendship & etc).

Others might say they can control what happens to them but they aren’t really thinking straight or have any idea. Certain things in life can change who you are and what you can do. It’s a disappointment for sure when some just head out every weekend and party. They usually state “why shouldn’t we have fun just because someone is ill” or “don’t mean we should stop enjoying ourselves.” Typical talk and something that they could do is be considerate. They forget that some day when they are ill or something then others won’t notice them or consider them and will party just like they did.

“What goes around comes back around.”

Be caring and look out for others young or old and don’t be so stuck up in life. Don’t think and say “I don’t know that person so why shall I help them” or “what will I get from helping them”. You helping someone will lead to someone someday helping you when you need it most.

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Amazing Dream

Writing my dream right now while it’s fresh!

I dreamed of this big beautiful house with marble floors and a nice garden. I can’t explain it but every room was as beautiful as the one before. Now either this was my brain trying to better itself in the new room or just my imagination.

The most important aspect of the dream was a beautiful women with black hair. She looked gorgeous. Now as a Pisces I can understand why I have these dreams because we like to disconnect from reality and live in our world. However I don’t think this was the case because this dream was clearly trying motivate me and “re-start my engine” to achieve the best. That would explain the dream.

Now I would not mind what I saw in the dream because that is every guys fantasy to have a mansion and a beautiful women by his side. Maybe one day that might happen but I am down to Earth and believe happiness does not always be in money and beauty.

I’ve always had ambitions that have been crazy and hard to reach but I have never given up. Fair enough my body or any other obstacle might slow my progress down but my heart and mind are always determined. I hope I can achieve many things because I have so much to give with my potential. Everything happens for a reason and I can’t fight fate at times. Don’t mean I do nothing though.

But this is basically a dream journal!

Two Romantic Dreams in Two Nights

For the first time I have had ‘Two Romantic Dreams in Two Nights’. This is very strange because I have done nothing unusual to encourage those type of dreams. I can’t remember much now but I know the dream I had last night was romantic, involved cuddling, kissing, holding hands and staring into each others eyes. I don’t even have a girlfriend to encourage that sort of dream.

It was the same the night before it and I got up all happy and loving life even though I’m going through some bad times. I think I can pinpoint the cause of being positive, happy and confident for these few days. For a while I had been kind of alone because I had lost a best friend who was a girl and for me a girl-friend is very important. Girls who you are friends with are more understanding, sensitive and caring than guys. They also like shopping and having a meal occasionally and this is what I enjoy too so it’s important I have caring friend who is a girl.

Anyways that best friend found a guy in her life and forgot about the friend who was there for her when she was sad or happy. Recently I have connected with a friend very well and this was through a social network. Now we even have each others numbers and we text on a daily basis and make each other smile with some banter. Her positive attitude and much love and care for me has most likely changed my life. I’m more happy with life when I actually might have been depressed because of my current situation. This special friend has been very good to me and I appreciate her a lot and she is the only reason I can think of for having romantic dreams.

This does not mean I’ve fallen in love with her but it indicates that when someone cares about you so much and makes you smile it can change you mentally. Changes because of her has made me feel cared about and that is causing me to have these nice romantic dreams. I only wish I could remember who that girl was in the past two dreams.