SimCity: Tomino In Detail

Set to 720p HD!

This is the 2nd city I created in the region. Tomino supports Lynexom with workers and shoppers. Lynexom would have never grown to the size it is now without this city.
The bridges and high wealth resident buildings look amazing in this city with the ‘Teal & Orange’ filter setting enabled.

Tomino may have only half the population of Lynexom but many commute via train and buses to Lynexom to help run the city while maintaining its own.

The video was speeded up by 10% by the video editing software to fit the 15min limit.


SimCity: Main City

This is the first city I created since the game launched in the UK. I can’t remember the name, I had to be clever and make a name which is hard to remember.

Below are some screenshots of how my city has improved. The population is 100k and 30k odd are visitors from other cities in the region, e.g. workers. I just love this game for it’s amazing visuals and the core gameplay.

This region is doing well financially because I am collecting the vast alloy and plastic waste from the city with the Recycling Plant and then exporting the goods. I am planning to make a garbage city and that will bring in a lot of money with hardly any effort at all.

Amazing Isn't It!

Amazing Isn’t It!





'Expo Centre' or something! Helps make money with events.

‘Expo Centre’ or something! Helps make money with events.

SimCity: My First Region

This game is amazing visually and how it works technically. The simulation is vast with how workers go from one city to the other, shopping too just like Newcastle and Gateshead.

Below are some screenshots of two different cities. One has less dirty industry sectors but both are extracting resources to help make money.

Tomonia is the city with the suspended bridge. The second city’s name I’ve totally forgot but a filter has been added from within the game. The game is amazing for this reason because like Instagram you can apply filters which makes everything look good visually.

Orange Grey

Orange Grey Filter

Two Bridges

Two Bridges



Football Field

Football Field

City & Bridge

Bus Terminal

Bus Terminal