Received my iPad Mini via Royal Mail

I finally got my Apple iPad Mini White and I am over the moon. I love using this tablet and it is much lighter and convenient than any of the other larger tablets. Omg how much I love this device.




Virtually Impossible to Find a iPad Mini!

I have been to every store and there are no iPad Mini’s 16gb white/black in either Newcastle or Gateshead. What is the point of these Apple Stores if they never have the products in stock and get told to order it online and wait 2 weeks. I feel very frustrated, disappointed and angry. Being an Apple loyal customer I feel as if Apple just don’t care anymore because of the success they have attained now because of us consumers. People will just go and buy some other tablet if Apple can not provide customers with the products they advertise daily on TV. What are Apple exactly doing as a company if they can’t provide. Apple seriously are losing customers and their loyalty if they are always out of stock and customers want to buy a Apple product. Some will just not come back.