Received my iPad Mini via Royal Mail

I finally got my Apple iPad Mini White and I am over the moon. I love using this tablet and it is much lighter and convenient than any of the other larger tablets. Omg how much I love this device.




Virtually Impossible to Find a iPad Mini!

I have been to every store and there are no iPad Mini’s 16gb white/black in either Newcastle or Gateshead. What is the point of these Apple Stores if they never have the products in stock and get told to order it online and wait 2 weeks. I feel very frustrated, disappointed and angry. Being an Apple loyal customer I feel as if Apple just don’t care anymore because of the success they have attained now because of us consumers. People will just go and buy some other tablet if Apple can not provide customers with the products they advertise daily on TV. What are Apple exactly doing as a company if they can’t provide. Apple seriously are losing customers and their loyalty if they are always out of stock and customers want to buy a Apple product. Some will just not come back.

Web Week: The hottest stories from the world of tech and beyond

Addidas adiPure: Easy on the feet, hard on the ground
If you’re a pavement-pounding addict you may want to check out adiPure, Addidas’ contribution to the world of barefoot running kit.

According to the sports giant, these base covers do wonders in building up your foot’s musculoskeletal system, helping you to become a faster and stronger runner.

The lowest-to-the-ground shoes Adidas has ever crafted, they work to improve the soft tissue in the foot and strengthen the lower legs. The fact they look decent is an added bonus.

Maxi-Milk: It’s like cow juice but does a hell of a lot more
While we’re on the subject of fitness, there’s another product in the fitness-sphere we’d like to bring to your attention – Maxi-Milk.

This shake has special powers, by which we mean it helps to support muscle growth, performance and recovery, according to Maximuscle. Stuffed with high protein nutrition, it’s the perfect get-me-up after a hardcore gym session.

The Dark Knight Rises: Turns your handset into a batphone. Well, kinda
Gameloft has unveiled a second teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, the virtual version of the Christopher Nolan movie of the same name.

Expect the usual lark, from henchmen with bad attitudes to one crazed nut wreaking havoc across Gotham City.

The game will be made available on Friday 20 July for iPhone, iPad and Android users. Trailer below. Enjoy.

Tivizen: Turns your handset/tablet into a TV. That’s what’s called cool
Whether you own an Android tablet or smartphone, this clever add-on will turn it into a TV without the need of an internet or 3G connection.

Simply add the kit on to your device’s 30-pin dock connector and Bob’s your uncle.

It also has recording capabilities, so you won’t ever miss your favourite show again, whether that’s Corrie, Big Brother or Eastenders. Jamie? Jamieeeeeee….


Yes – Social Media Will Redefine Small Businesses

One of the fascinating things about change is that it rarely occurs in a linear motion. Things don’t remain static as change sweeps throughout the system; every single item touched by the transformation agent sets off on its own trajectory, itself stirring up change in those around it.

The entire process is like a twirling kaleidoscope, except that it’s less orderly, less predictable, and much more wildly dynamic — like a simmering cauldron ready to boil over. The social media landscape displays just such wildly dynamic behavior.

Change is the catalyst that propels the entire industry forward, igniting more transformations that themselves stoke new innovations and so on. Take the handful of cutting-edge technologies presented here; most are by-products of the social revolution.

They developed to provide for new end-user needs brought about by the new social dynamics. And they will, no doubt, fuel the next level of change and development, particularly in the area of small and medium-sized business.

Here is my take on what trends will propel businesses forward and open up new and exciting dimensions. Mobile Devices Apple has just recently announced financial results for the third quarter of its 2011 fiscal year — including a whopping net profit of over seven billion dollars from over 28 billion dollars in revenue.

A huge chunk of this exemplary financial performance is the result of over 20 million iPhones and over nine million iPads sold during this period. Consider all the other mobile devices from competing brands, and the writing on the wall is as clear as day; mobile devices are here to stay and make a tremendous impact on our lives, including how we conduct business.

  1. While it may not be obvious, the small screens of most mobile devices is a determining factor to how business communication and transactions will be handled.
  2. Mobile devices facilitate location-based marketing.
  3. There is probably a mobile app for whatever business need you have.
  4. Messaging works well with mobile devices.

YouTube Television In 2010

YouTube’s viewership finally exceeded that of the big three networks during prime time. And recently it has reinvented itself from a mere video uploading facility to become more of a social media platform.

With new features such as channels, feeds and analytics, YouTube is better positioned to serve as a business tool companies can use to promote their businesses.


E-commerce appears to be a great fit with social. In the past, consumers have determined the direction of e-commerce by initiating mechanisms such as review sites, consultation and price and feature comparison. In the era of social, more and more apps are becoming available that businesses can integrate into their sites to improve the buying experience.

New Advertising Directions

More companies are experimenting with new advertising models anchored on the framework of social networks. Unlike earlier attempts at online advertising which were based on the old advertising models that looked cumbersome in the new digital marketing environment, these new advertising paradigms are built on the flow and function of digital — particularly social media.


The success of social networks underscores an important human need that is met by these platforms — humans need to communicate, relate and interact.

From a business perspective, the attraction lies in peoples’ tendency to gather around and even champion ideas and causes.

Substitute these for products, solutions or the company’s marketing message, and the prospects for community development in a business setting appear truly exciting, at the very least.

Putting together the right social media campaign isn’t always as easy as one would like, but there isplenty of help out there if you need it.