What America and United Kingdom Won’t Stop!

This is what America & UK are not stopping! Instead America is fine with it and encourages Israel! Would you be okay with children you knew die from an air strike?

How were them children ever “Terrorists” that every Non-Muslim person keeps labeling us? How were them innocent children any threat? How were them children a threat without being armed?

This is what Obama or any World Leaders won’t stand up and stop! No one is stopping many innocent people being killed. Israel is an evil nation if they can be so aggressive and kill children in so many numbers. Many living in the West will not care about this as it is not their country, religion or people being killed. I am sure if any Muslim had done this then everyone in the UK would have been shouting their opinions and attacking any Muslim they would see on the streets. We got rid of people like Hitler so that many innocent people would not die. Now it’s the Jews causing all this suffering when they should know best from what happened in WW2.