Marketing Cuts at HSBC

HSBC has not used the word “cut” but actually used a word that sounds more positive, “restrucures” is the word that has been used for the marketing division within the organisation. There are many people who work in the marketing division that will be unemployed soon because the organisation is going to integrate many of the departments in the marketing division to cut costs.

There are many such as myself who have studied in the field of marketing and find it very hard in the UK to actually find a company that is ready to employ. Marketing is a very important element in any organisation, people who have studied marketing create, plan and implement strategies that help gain exposure for the business. Marketing is not only considered to be an area that involves advertising. In numerous ways marketing is the tool that causes companies to gain a high volume of customers, sales, revenue and etc. People who have the knowledge and skills in this field help businesses to even change who they are, for example CRM (Cause Related Marketing) decades ago helped American Express gain exposure and business by relating themselves to a cause like the refurnishing of the Statue of Liberty.

At the time that was a modern CRM and it helped build a great cooperate image for American Express as it made customers aware that they could help the cause. People were able to help the cause if they made a application for a American Express card during the campaign period, $1 from each application would go towards restoring the Statue of Liberty.

The point I am trying to make is that marketing is a very important aspect to businesses and cutting jobs or funds to a important element of the business strategy can cause more problems. The economic downturn is causing businesses to point the blame to the marketing departments for failures and financial troubles. It only takes one effective marketing campaign to make a business successful and it has to be consistent, Apple is one example to consider.


If you printed Facebook

Just in case you fancied taking up a new hobby…

Ever thought about printing out the whole of Facebook? Yes? Maybe you should get out more.

Besides, as this infographic from printer ink retailer CartridgeSave goes to show, you’d need as much paper as it would take to produce 500,000 Oxford English dictionaries, and as much cash as it would take to build two London Eyes.

Still, if you do decide to give it a go, do let us know…

If you printed Facebook... (image © Cartridgesave)


Surveys show gentlemen do not prefer blondes

A new study adds weight to the belief that British men prefer the ‘girl next door’ to platinum blonde pin-ups – unless they’re out on the town.

Research just released appears to disprove what women have long believed – that men prefer blondes. A study by the University of Westminster and recently reported by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology suggests that men view brunettes as being more attractive and intelligent than blondes. Unless, of course, we’re out on the town.

Researchers sent a woman to three London nightclubs with her hair dyed either brunette, blond or red and observed the results. They then asked 130 men to rate pictures of her sporting all three looks. The result? She was chatted up most frequently when she had blond hair but rated higher for attractiveness and intelligence when she had the appearance of being brunette.

This appears to support the results of a survey conducted by Badoo in 2011, which revealed that British men prefer brunettes to blondes.

Badoo asked 2,000 British blokes to state the physical features they find most attractive in the opposite sex.

Contradicting the old adage that gentlemen prefer blondes, almost a third of the men polled (33.1%) said they find women with brown hair most attractive. Blondes (29.5%) edged out women with black hair (28.6%) for second place while redheads were preferred by a meagre 8.8% of the men surveyed.

For men in the UK, women with blue eyes still rule the roost with a massive 40.2% of guys preferring blue eyes over brown (29.2%), hazel (13.1%) and green (17.5%).

The survey also uncovered another slightly surprising result: 38.8% of the respondents said their perfect woman would have a dress size of 12-14. Only 10% of the guys surveyed cited sizes 6-8 as their preference, suggesting that, while skinny models fill the majority of pages in magazines, the man in the street is actually more attracted to women of average build.

After collating the results, Badoo applied their findings to the world of celebrity and, combining the physical features that scored the highest marks, deduced that Lauren Goodger, star of reality show The Only Way Is Essex, possesses all of the attributes that men in the UK said they find most attractive.

Her brown hair, blue eyes and average build give her the perfect combination for being the prototypical girl next door.

International preferences

Badoo also ran the study in France, Spain, Italy, US and Brazil with surprising results.

French men said they preferred their females skinny with all other nationalities saying they prefer average to curvy women. In all of the countries surveyed (apart from the UK), black was the most popular hair colour. The UK was also the only country that opted for blue eyes, with brown and green topping the table around the world.

Lloyd Price, from Badoo, said, “I was amazed that blond hair and size 8 did not top the list. Magazines are full of skinny blond models, so it is nice to see that in reality guys prefer the girl-next-door look. Mark Wright is clearly a lucky man in the eyes of the nation.”


Britain sells Kurt Geiger to America

Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger which is Europe‘s larget shoe retailer has been sold to an American fashion business for £215 million. The American fashion business known as Jones Group owns fashion brands such as Nine West. Kurt Geiger is a growing business around the globe and was a promising prospect for Britain to achieve some success in this econmic downturn but now they have sold another firm to America. In the past Britain has also sold their ever famous ‘Cadbury‘ firm to the American organisation ‘Kraft’.

In the on-going problems that Britain as a whole is facing it may seem like a positive move to sell Kurt Geiger for a hefty sum as Graphite Capital a London-based private equity had only acquired it for £95 million in 2008. Since 2008 Graphite Capital had integrated a strategy that helped the organisation expand worldwide and increase it’s reputation and brand image, stores were opened in the UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and many other countries with high disposable income.

Luxury shoes candid @ Kurt Geiger store in Can...

Image by UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL

The UK population must be feeling this as a loss because there are not many new organisations starting and expanding worlwide and putting Britain on the map for future prospects of employment. A nation that only offers services can not be a positive strategy as there are budget cuts that are affecting organisations in that particular sector such as the NHS. Politicians in the current climate have very high ambitions to create areas in this nation to imitate places such as Silicon Valley and offer employment and be offering what Apple or Google offer in America. Politicians however have not considered how they can integrate the whole system in the UK to meet that criteria and offer what a place like Silican Valley offers. For example the city has major corporations based their who are technologically advanced and have the space and philosphy for its employees.

Only time can tell what will happen to Kurt Geiger but according to Neil Clifford who will continue as chief executive “Kurt Geiger is still relatively young in terms of growth profile, with great potential still to be fulfilled”. Now the British firm has handed this company to America and it is their responsibility to ensure it exceeds it’s potential.