Down & Stuck

I am in the period of my life where I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. I thought after finishing University I wouldn’t need to think long-term about my future anymore but guess what it’s the same old crap. I have time now to spend a lot of my time on certain hobbies that brought me joy but marketing will always be something that brings me joy too. That only brings me joy if I am making a difference and being noticed by working in a place where I get to input my ideas and etc.

The whole point is that if every person in this world has the opportunity to fulfill their potential then there wouldn’t be any crime or several people feeling unsatisfied. They would be able to spend time doing something they love and not be unhappy.

Anyways I am talking as usual. Hoping to meet new people in Newcastle who can maybe bring me back that smile I always used to have.


SimCity Beta

I got the key for SimCity Beta at midnight on Friday. I played the game for hours at night and it was amazing. There is much that I could say but it would be exactly the same as all the reviews that you may have read from other reviewers. What I simply want to say is that this game is visually amazing and the one hour to play is not enough. I was making so much profit on my 3rd attempt that I was spending money without any second thoughts. I had built two fire stations and actually added all the modules to many of the buildings.

My residential zones were becoming tall and beautiful while the traffic problems grew as time went on. Because it was a Beta I could not upgrade the roads and because of that the city services could not reach their destinations. The public buses were not able to handle the traffic or population growth and in time there were a lot of unhappy people. The game will be amazing when there are no restrictions and you are free to plan and take time to handle the issues.

I have been a longtime SimCity gamer since SimCity 2000. For many it will be hard to adjust or difficult to play if they’ve never played a game like this. I just knew from the start what to do and how to play it as if it’s natural instinct. My brain was working on so many levels and I can truly say that this keeps you thinking and making you an effective and efficient person towards problem solving.

Now I know why I am very good at problem solving and chose marketing as a career after years of education in it. It involves analysing problems and coming up with solutions when it involves the market world (example for market could be mobiles, hair products & etc). This also involves people and how certain actions can change their perception of a brand or promotion. SimCity is similar with changing people’s behaviour through analysing it just like companies do regarding consumer behaviour.

I hope this makes sense. If you have children you should buy this for them as it will help them become better at solving problems in the real world even if it does not involve placing a power plant.
Would you not rather want them to develop and have fun playing this game over any other games. They have their advantages but this is more user friendly and just has those elements that are safe for any age group. Even people who are old would find this game helpful because it would keep their brain active with new problems and solutions occurring in live simulation.

March 8 in UK can not come fast enough for people who understand the advantages despite the changes that have been made from previous titles. Change needs to be embraced in life and it is what has kept us alive and helped us to survive problems in difficult events.

Thanks for reading,
From Naveed.

Marketing Cuts at HSBC

HSBC has not used the word “cut” but actually used a word that sounds more positive, “restrucures” is the word that has been used for the marketing division within the organisation. There are many people who work in the marketing division that will be unemployed soon because the organisation is going to integrate many of the departments in the marketing division to cut costs.

There are many such as myself who have studied in the field of marketing and find it very hard in the UK to actually find a company that is ready to employ. Marketing is a very important element in any organisation, people who have studied marketing create, plan and implement strategies that help gain exposure for the business. Marketing is not only considered to be an area that involves advertising. In numerous ways marketing is the tool that causes companies to gain a high volume of customers, sales, revenue and etc. People who have the knowledge and skills in this field help businesses to even change who they are, for example CRM (Cause Related Marketing) decades ago helped American Express gain exposure and business by relating themselves to a cause like the refurnishing of the Statue of Liberty.

At the time that was a modern CRM and it helped build a great cooperate image for American Express as it made customers aware that they could help the cause. People were able to help the cause if they made a application for a American Express card during the campaign period, $1 from each application would go towards restoring the Statue of Liberty.

The point I am trying to make is that marketing is a very important aspect to businesses and cutting jobs or funds to a important element of the business strategy can cause more problems. The economic downturn is causing businesses to point the blame to the marketing departments for failures and financial troubles. It only takes one effective marketing campaign to make a business successful and it has to be consistent, Apple is one example to consider.