Viddy Review

What can I say about this App, there is Instagram that amazes us with its wonderful filters and then there is Cinemagram that helps us be very creative but this App Viddy is just as amazing as the rest.

Viddy is an incredible App which I would have loved to have 5 years ago to record the amazing things that I was doing then. There was no social network which was mainstream and mobiles phones were not as good as todays smartphones with high quality cameras. This App can be used by anyone who wants to record a short 15 second video to raise awareness or just post a message to their followers, celebrities like Rihanna also use it and record it on a personal camera.

When I started using this App I had few followers but as you start using it more and capture videos the followers count goes up and up. I would say “any video will do” because ┬áthat is the whole point of this App. It is fun to use and just addictive with it’s special effects and soundtracks.

An App like this is highly recommended and should be on your smartphone just incase you are out somewhere and see something funny or wonderful that you want to capture and share with the World. Viddy interlinks with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and even Pinterest. Many of your friends on those social networks have the opportunity to see the short videos you captured.

In my video review I did state that Viddy could be improved by giving users the option to multi-task, one example would be that a user might want to record another video while the previous video is uploading or use another App. The problem I found was that I could not close the App or do anything else because any video that was uploading would be cancelled and I certainly didn’t want that to happen. Viddy might release some updates to solve that issue but overall the App is exciting, positive and a useful tool to have in anyones pocket.




Google Vs Facebook for Twitter Access

Recent reports from newspapers such as The Telegraph and other major websites is that Facebook is now challenging Google for the throne to Internet domination.

Facebook as we know is a social networking website which we use to network with people who we might meet on a regular basis, other people may also be on our friend list because we interact with them online. Google with it’s search engine is still seen to be the major online corporation which dominates the industry it operates in, mobiles phones is another successful direction it is heading towards. We can’t cut out Facebook either as it is also considering the possibility of having its own phone in the mobile market, Facebook has already been integrated with the INQ Cloud Touch but it is not the official phone that Facebook personally released.

The new race for internet domination is between Google and Facebook who are both attempting to negotiate some kind of deal with Twitter. If Google has total access to Twitter’s data then it can make real-time information an integrated part of its organisation and be able to offer more than just an add-on, Google who are a giant search engine have been indexing Twitter users’ tweets since 2009 to add a real-time element to it’s search experience. It has been 18 months since Google began indexing Twitter and they are yet to create their own version of real-time search.

Facebook is aiming to become the social web within the web by buying Twitter and gaining full access to it’s rich data. If Facebook want to be the home to all of social interactions on the web then it has to consider owning Twitters platform or atleast enjoy a deep partnership.

Twitter is an information network and Facebook is a social network.
Clearly whoever negotiates with Twitter to gain full access to its rich data will be able to provide a better search experience.

Below is a link for further information – Why do Google and Facebook both want to buy Twitter?