It’s My Life

Its My Life-01The illustration created on Adobe Illustrator says what I’m feeling and many of them that I have uploaded lately were from the heart. They were not created for attention or any popularity contest.

Enjoy 🙂


A Music Single From My Heart – “I can’t see your eyes”

I can’t see your eyes,

Tell me why I can’t see your eyes.

Tell me what to do,

Please tell me what to do.


You can…

Just give me a call,

Just come online,

Just give me your time.


I can talk if you want,

I can stop if you want,

I can look if you want.


I can’t see your eyes,

Tell me why I can’t see your eyes.

Tell me what to do,

Just tell me what to do.

Apple iPod & Reliability




In the recent years I have always looked carefully at the new Apple iPod’s and tried to work out how it would benefit me If I bought another Apple iPod when I already had one. I think it is fair enough for any person to buy an Apple iPod if they’ve never owned one but buying another iPod when you already have one is a waste of money because at the end of the day the main purpose is to provide audio to your ears. The Apple iPod has that special unique and clean interface which is very attractive and makes you want to touch it and experience it even if your a grown up.

Now talking about what this title suggests Apple iPod’s and its reliability. As consumers we have a certain relationship with this company/brand called Apple because of it’s innovative ideas, products and services. Apple have been around us for a long time and it is because of their history that we trust their brand since the turn of the millennium. This company has now radically changed consumer behaviour worldwide on how we carry certain technological gadgets and how we in turn use them for convenience.

Apple iPod’s from my personal experience are very reliable as they fulfill their purpose and deliver what they have promised. Now back when Apple iPod had been launched it’s core purpose was to deliver music to our ears without batteries that had to be replaced every few hours moreover offer a lot of memory. A vast amount of memory that would only be found on desktop computers was now available on a small rectangle box which could store all your music (MP3) files and make CD’s or Cassettes obsolete. Apple iPod was attractive from the beginning because it contained a simple interface with functions that any individual could use.

Reliability of the Apple iPod’s have been questioned in the past when the first Apple iPod Nano with Video capability was released. People that I knew personally and from the Internet who had left reviews had stated that the new Apple iPod Nano with Video playback would break down and stop working. Problems like these made alot of Apple fans upset because they had lost their money after the warranty had expired and they were left to either have no device to listen to any music or purchase another new Apple iPod again.

At the end of 2010 Apple released a new Apple iPod Nano collection that contained touch screen technology which had a similar interface to the very popular and successful Apple iPhone. From personally visiting an Apple Store I have used the new Apple iPod Nano and it’s interface isn’t as easy as it used to be. Seems Apple have moved away from it’s core purpose with it’s Apple iPod range, Apple iPhone and the Apps look promising and they can not be blamed for maximising their time and effort on them. In simple terms the screen of the Apple iPod Nano range is smaller than it’s predecessors and with the new touch screen feature it can be difficult sometimes to navigate yourself around and find that favourite song.

Now you may have seen them pictures of an Apple iPod in this post and thought to yourself why have ancient iPod pictures been uploaded. The Apple iPod that you can see in those pictures is the Apple iPod Photo (30GB) which I own and still continue to use in 2011. I bought this Apple iPod Photo when I was 16 years old in 2004 and this is a very reliable Apple iPod. Now I don’t know if anyone else has kept their first ever Apple iPod that they purchased but I have. I have only ever had one Apple iPod and can not judge the new generations that have been launched over the years but they have a short life span regarding their product life cycle in the market as the company releases new Apple iPods every 1/2 years.

I hope this post has given an insight into how Apple iPods were the top earners for the company and had a solid core purpose moreover it was very reliable. It is evident from how long I have owned and used the Apple iPod Photo constantly from 2004-2011 without experiencing any sort of problems. Apple iPods are worth whatever money you spend when they can work effectively and efficiently on a daily basis, sum 0f £200 for example will be an investment that any individual will not regret when they have a device that delivers what you want which is ‘Music’.