Twitter Should Have Bought Instagram

I was not very happy when Facebook bought Instagram because I wanted Twitter to have made the acquisition. Personally I just feel Twitter would do better a job with Instagram and keep it simple and integrate it into the social network. Facebook does not plan to make any changes to Instagram and make it similar to it’s social network. Facebook has said it wants Instagram remain how it is and not be effected in anyway.

I guess Facebook knows Instagram’s potential and do not want to lose all the users that Instagram has at the moment. Post your opinions on my video on YouTube or on this blog post.


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Follow me on Twitter if you like casual and random conversations with a well educated (Business Background) person. I Tweet random things but they are unique and sometimes just to express how I feel just like this blog. Sometimes they are thoughtful, intelligent Tweets and sometimes they are just in the moment.

Also I have developed two lists since joining Twitter. These lists contain any Newcastle Twitter followers I’ve come across. This is vast knowledge and can help anyone trying to read up-to-date Tweets just from Newcastle. However I follow 2,000 Tweeps now and I can not add anymore unless my number of followers from 540 are increased. So please follow me!

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Purpose of Facebook ‘Poke’

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By Naveed Ahmed

Many people see this tool called ‘Poke‘ as a method to annoy other people or get their attention but as a marketeer I see something else.

The ‘Poke’ tool if used effectively and consistently can be a method to imprint you into your ‘Friends’ minds. For example if you poke them not every minute but atleast twice a day then you can make sure they remember you as a valued friend from any experience you may have had together offline or online. You as a user ‘Poking’ friends will ensure they remember your face and important facts. No matter where that person goes they will remember you because you keep ‘Poking’ them and appear on their notifications on a computer or handheld device.

I am not saying this technique will work because many users do not poke back or delete that ‘Poke’ to be able to receive anothe poke. This does mean that this technique can work with mutual or close friends who you have had positive experiences with. Even though that user may not remember anything about you from Facebook but they will remember any good time you had together, for example a party, dinner and etc.

This is a good technique to ensure that you are remembered by a friend and not forgotten through a busy life. Good marketing ‘drip campaign’ to advertise yourself for free by ‘Poking’ people. However I do want to state that ‘Poking’ random people may not have a positive effect because they won’t know you personally unless they ‘Add’ you and become online/offline friends.

You may raise awareness of your existence through this but that user you poked may not acknowledge it from the numerous other pokes they have received. This is mainly the case with females because they get a lot of pokes from random men if they have a photo revealing what guys want to see and touch. If you show a Lion some flesh with blood on it then of course his natural instinct will be to eat it and this is the same case when guys see a womens body. Guys just want to get what they see without any thought.

People Changing my Mood!

I was in a really good mood today till someone on my Facebook left her chat on. That person is a good friend, think. When that person left her Facebook on someone started chatting to me and stated they were the profile users friend. Anyways I got judged before they even read any pages of my life. I got judged because I had an education, job and creative hobbies. Anyways below is the chat we had:

Facebook Friend: I mean like….whats your crack? (I.e what you all about e.g like and dislikes in gernal)

Me: oh k haha

Me: well finished uni in a degree in business and marketing management. love marketing, creative stuff, swimming, music, tech, business stuff, art.

Facebook Friend: one. Didn;t ask for your CV two. Degree you do realise you meant as well have cut it out the back of a cereal box its worth that much soz to be harsh but I’m a bit of a big mouth.

Me: thanks for judging..

Facebook Friend: tahts what I do thats*

I’m a total keyboard warrior mind I’d be as sweet as pie if you met me in person haha
Me:well means alot to me and its a big reward for me cuz it paid off with the job i have. thats just ur perception..

Me: well u didnt be nice to me there
Me: i was just glad to tell u what i did and liked bt u made me feel bad abt what i’ve done in life
Facebook Friend: I also worked for student loans for 6 months and I fucking loath students with every inch of my body from speaking to them every day and they actually called me a fat bitch and black bitch so ya naa
Me: well its a minority of ppl.dnt mean everyone is like that. its like me judging people who i’ve never met just cuz of where they work or what they do in life.

i give ppl a chance before judging. bt it seemed u judged me before reading the book
This spoilt my mood. What is it with people in Newcastle? Do they enjoy coming on Facebook to start a chat with me just so they can hurt my feelings. I hope these people who hurt me when I don’t target any individuals ever and bully them get what they deserve. I hope bad things happen to them and I CURSE them to suffer!

When Facebook Users Try To Control Your Life!

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You may wonder how is it possible for another Facebook user to even attempt to control your life when nothing on Facebook is actually real. Well they try to control you in every aspect before you even decide to post a status or photo and even comment on anything they have posted. You begin to think what you might post which will appeal to everyone and keep everyone happy but we all know very well that you can never please everyone.

If you decide to post a lot of status updates or photos then people start complaining about it by posting a status or commenting on anything you have posted. The whole point of social networking is to share furthermore there is no limit to how much you can or should share. If an individual wants his/her Tweets to be posted on Facebook via Twitter link-up then why shouldn’t he/she do that. An individual should not have to consider what others may think because the Internet is a place where anyone can say whatever they want to a certain limit. Many people on Facebook get abusive just because someone who is on their list has posted numerous tweets which are related to the latest trending topics. Facebook users try to control your life by saying that their ‘News Feed‘ is covered with your posts. In other terms Facebook users want others to somehow guess what their ‘News Feed’ must look like before posting anything.

It is not possible for an individual to know how another users Facebook ‘News Feed’ may look like because they don’t have access to that information. A Facebook user may have many friends and that determines how full your ‘News Feed’ may get if they regularly post content. Basically if your not going to make any effort to talk to another user then why accept their ‘Friend Request’ or even send one. From experience I have seen certain individuals who just stick to a certain group of people and never make changes in their life and communicate with the same people on a daily basis. They don’t like breaking barriers and communicating with someone new who can make them feel more refreshed for a few days or weeks.