Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Episode 1 Billy The Kid

I started playing this game on 24th May 2013. I already think this is a great game because it helps let off steam after a hard day at work. The shooting and being in the Wild West is just amazing. I am hoping to upload more videos of each episode of the game. I have only played one episode at the moment and the video in this post is only 15 minutes. There is more gameplay of Episode 1 Billy The Kid and this post will be updated soon with that video.


Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light is one of them post¬†apocalyptic games that you just have to play and see what the future is for humans in the gaming world. Fallout is a game I’ve always enjoyed but this is much better with the graphics and with how there is steam, fog and other elements to make it look real. I won’t give away much but the game is full of life and on PC it is much better. You get a sense of how humans have ended up fighting one another and continued to do so for resources and the Metro even after so much bloodshed.

Some of the story and elements of the game just indicate that us humans can never change and be peaceful. Our greed gets the better of us and always wants some resource or land just like you will find out in this game. But the character you play is trying to find that peace that most of us normal humans want. Politics however is the main cause again for conflict and other issues that arise for you as a play.

There are some videos I uploaded of the game but they are mostly to show the good life in the Metro and how weird the character can forget the horrors of his life and just get a lap dance.

UPDATE: Guess what I had to remove those videos because of some copyright issues because of the music in the game. How stupid is this and frustrating that you can’t upload some gameplay to YouTube these days even if you own a game and are not stealing any music. The music is part of the game and the environment. Anyone help?

Leeds United 2013

I have not edited Leeds United with the FM13 Editor Tool as I have started the game in Football Manager Classic Mode. I have done the following to improve Leeds United as a club:

1. Bought some FMC Unlockables –

  • No Work Permits
  • Foreign Influx
  • All Players Interested
  • High Visibility

2. With the Unlockables I have been able to attract and purchase players that I would not be able to in the league that Leeds United are at the moment. I have players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Pique.

You may wonder how I am able to finance these players. Well I found a tool which only gives you options to edit your clubs finances and that’s all. I don’t care if this is seen as cheating. What I am trying to do is achieve certain goals by creating a scenario. It is very interesting to see how far you can go with a team and what you can achieve. Like maybe 30 matches unbeaten and etc.

Below are general screenshots of my Leeds United Squad and the tactics I use.

Leeds United 2013

Leeds United 2013

Leeds United 13_2

Leeds United Tactics 13