Hard Life

I’ve always had to work hard myself to achieve any goals that I set for myself. They were never easy like it is for some, things always went bad for me and I had to do stuff the hard way.

Long story but I’m kind of unlucky. But it has made me a strong person and I love to be faced with a challenge now because I feel very satisfied when I work hard and achieve anything.

There are many challenges I face at the moment involving family health problems, personal issues and other unlucky challenges I keep facing. I can never get what I want the easy way like some may be able to. I have to go through a lot before I finally achieve any goals.

I am really happy with the person I am today because having to work hard and not have it handed to me has made me mentally strong, confident, ambitious, enthusiastic and helpful. I feel great satisfaction from helping others who might have issues because I can connect with others and show compassion.

I don’t like to go on about myself so I will talk about something else now.

I believe this World we live in can be much better if we could be patient and not let ourselves become angry over small issues. Everyone has to face some sort of challenge in life to get what they want and there are some who can’t and resort to making others feel bad or taking it from them.

There is still some discrimination in this World and it is not perfect. I never felt any of that in University because of everyone being from different backgrounds. Together we are able to be effective by using the knowledge and advantages from our cultures. Individually we have some weaknesses and that does not help. As I said working together with different people helps us become better.

Most important point I wanted to make is that living in Newcastle for many years I have always felt that my family and myself have never felt accepted by our own kind (Pakistani Community). I don’t know if this is because of wealth, status or what. I hate the fact that many girls who have well off parents consider themselves to be better than others and be stuck up when talking to anyone who isn’t. They forget that at one time their ancestors were living in Pakistan and maybe not well-off. A person should not be like that to others because your fortune in life can change in a second.

I don’t like these divisions we have in our own culture/community. It causes issues between people and makes someone who is less unfortunate for a period to accept the challenge and work hard to show them they are not low class people. This actually is good in some ways because hunger to be someone drives you very hard to achieve your goals. To people like me and others who have that drive actually are put in a situation where they believe anything is possible. Just think of the Rocky movies that show someone who is unfortunate and because of the situation he is in he just has to achieve his goals. The hunger and drive of a person can help achieve anything. When someone is not in a bad situation and is surrounded by a family with no issues they may not feel the urge to achieve that success.

I am not saying people who have a healthy family environment or financial stability do not achieve anything. I am stating that if you are in a family environment where people are depending on your success and drive to bring stability then you will face the impossible to make it possible. We are natural survivors and the situations we are born into or put into can not be helped because we don’t decide the environment. So anyone who looks down upon another or can not even communicate with their own kind (humans, pakistani, british etc) is not a good person at all.

I have experienced it many times when Pakistani girls judge you straight away and don’t communicate in any friendly or human manner. They will see you as some burden if you can not help them gain anything in life, for example many I’ve realised in Newcastle are looking for the rich guy who they can marry and leech off from. At University many of my friends were from different backgrounds but none of the girls were from my own background (Pakistani). Why? Well because they chose very carefully who they wanted to talk to and usually it was the guys who had the expensive car and wealthy family. These kind of differences would hurt me a lot and make me feel as if I had to prove something.

In the end I didn’t bother with them because I would not waste my time on people who are so materialistic and full of pride with no rock solid foundations of life. I just dislike Pakistani girls in Newcastle because they are the most stubborn and stuck-up. You would say “Hi” in person, Facebook or Twitter and you would get this look or reaction as if you’re a piece of garbage. I would rather marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan any day of the week instead of any Pakistani girl in the UK. They have no consideration for religion, culture or tradition. All they see is how wealthy a guy is and if they can marry him and not have to live any kind of hard life. They want a life full of leisure and no hard work like our Pakistani ancestors had. I would not want a person in my life who raised my/her children to have things handed to them on a plate.


Hatred Towards Muslims in UK

A Muslims opinion is not worth anything in the UK to a minority of people who despise Muslims. Any Muslim who has an opinion is quickly attacked with abuse because of what a certain minority of Muslims have done.

Why is it always Muslims that are judged? Have you read books and seen what our religion says before judging a Muslim as a terrorist? Muslims are taught as children to love others and our prophet and Quran tells us to love Muslims and Non-Muslims.

We should not be judged this way and told that Christians are clean and peaceful and were never involved in anything bad. I know for sure that it was not the Muslims who attacked M. Thatcher back in the day. All them explosions in the UK were not from Muslims and from UK’s own people and religion.

I am tired of being targeted and attacked for believing in my religion or having general views. Muslims are only being targeted and been marketed to be bad people like Hitler did with Jews because the West needs oil and sees our religion as a threat.

A Question: When do I at any point throw the ‘RACIST‘ card at this person through my ‘Status Update’ from a’ Twitter Trend’???


Is this what people think of us or me when I’ve never been racist to anyone or made any differences? I tell you there are no differences in Human Beings and the only difference is that there are GOOD HUMAN BEINGS and BAD HUMAN BEINGS!!!! I am offended!!!

A Muslim would not do any of the things that you hear about in the media. They are not Muslims and the Tweet or Status Update is trying to point out that ‘A Muslim’ is not all them things if they truly follow what God has told them.

Here is a image below of someone attacking me because I copied and pasted a trending tweet from a trending topic to Facebook:


Dancing is Non-Permissible in Islam

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There are two type of dances which are held at the time of marriage or other ceremonies or for mere pleasure without any occasion. One type is in which professional singing and dancing girls are engaged and they dance usually in gatherings of males only. The other type is in which a women of house-hold or professional dancer dances among the females with movements of different parts of the body. Now-a-days another type has developed due to cinema and TV in which boys and girls dance together on the tunes of film songs. All such dances are irreligious and forbidden.

Adultery is of different kinds-actual, of eyes, ears, tounge, heart, hand etc and in such dances men are prone to commit and they do commit one or other type of adultery. The evils and sins of dances are self-evident. Men look and gaze at naked or semi-naked parts of an alien women, it is an adultery of the eyes. They listen to her voice, it is an adultery of the ears. They talk and make jokes with her, it is an adultery of the tongue. Their hearts are attracted towards her, it is an adultery of the heart. Some are so shameless who even touch her, this is an adultery of the hand. They sometimes advance towards her and even dance with her, this is an adultery of the feet. Some even indulge in sexual intercourse with her, which is actual adultery and fornication.

Same is the case of dancing by family girls and boys. It is not permitted even without instruments and drums. Such dances are also accompanied by all the evils already mentioned. Household women and girls memorise film and love songs and they sing and dance on their tunes. Their voice is heard by na-mehram and sometimes they are also seen by men. Such young girls and women are often lead astray and they become corrupt. Hence dances are sinful and irreligious.

It has been clearly stated in the Holy Traditions that just as adultery is a major sin, in the same way the actions of gazing and hearing, touching etc are all sins. The committing of a sin publicly is a major and worst sin according to religion code.

It has been reported in a Tradition that when obscenity, immodesty and shamelessness become so common in any community that people begin to commit them publicly, then be sure that epidemics will spread in that community to such an extent as would have not occured before. Now imagine, when it is such an evil then how great sinners are those, who arrange or take part in such things. (Reason why I don’t go to any Pakistani weddings anymore because many try to follow what others are doing in Newcastle or UK in general)

The sin also becomes an epidemic, if one arranged such a function and some others followed his/her example. So long as the sinful activity started by one continues, its sins also will be continued to be recorded against him/her even after his death. The use of musical instruments is also a sin in itself.

The Holy Prophet Sallam has said that Allah has ordered him to break all these musical instruments. Then judge the greatness of the sin of the person spreads this evil for which the Holy Prophet Sallam has been ordered by Allah to break and abolish them.

Some people regard it as a mark of respect and dignity. Boasting on sin and to think its avoidence as insulting, strikes at the very root of faith and losing of faith is a major sin. So it is the duty of every Muslim to refrain from things forbidden by Shariat just  as they hate anything offensive to their nature. May Allah protect us all from evil. Aameen

Let’s Invade a Country

Proud To Be A Muslim

Maybe non-Muslims should have stayed out of muslim countries if they never understood our religion. Would USA attack aliens on a planet who cause no threat just because they do not understand their life. Muslims or China never interferes with Countries in the West and they dnt invade countries if they are low in resources! T.E Lawrence told the West that a guest in your house is only welcome for a few days, after a while you want them gone. He also told us that invading other countries does not benefit either side and that you have to understand someone’s culture and religion. #TELawrence clearly did because he was among Muslims. Some people like in Universities in England do not try to understand Muslims even though we interact with them on daily basis.

Asian Culture & University

Sunday 30th January 2011

After a good night of thinking things over about my life and the people around me I have chosen to go back to my roots. My grandmother was someone very special who survived the British Empire and Massacre of the India and Pakistan Partition. I obviously would not be here if my grandmother had not been healthy and survived all them Wars back in the early 19th century. She always said our culture was different and that we should use the herbal remedies and other herbal products because they were natural and good for any human being, grandmother knew best as she lived a hard life and used natural ingrediants for food and personal use.

I have decided to follow that lifestyle as after much thought I’m just another stranger in this country even though I was born here and I’m a British Citizen because of it. Being a British Citizen still is no benefit as I’m still someone who has tried all his life to fit into society in the UK but I feel I’m always going to be seen as someone who’s a different colour with a different culture and most of all a Muslim. Reasons why I’ve embraced my culture again and my religion as it gave me spiritual peace and future insight. Meditating is a great thing and I want that back as I don’t believe following what others do just to be liked or be their friend has helped, following and changing for different groups of people has made me forget who I am.

Back to University on Monday 31st January 2011 and preparing my books and notes to take with me tomorrow. I have promised myself that I will say ‘No’ more often as I say ‘Yes’ too often and be a fool. I will just have to work hard and keep quiet as I should have and remember to focus on my university dissertation. Need to keep things to myself more often and be willing to say ‘No’ to others. I was dedicated to my university work before but I will be working even harder now and only focusing on achieving spiritual peace morever meditating. Will certainly not leave my culture and beliefs just to fit in with others furthermore if they can’t accept who I am without me doing what they do then I am happy alone as I got Allah (God) and that is enough.

Reading Quran and Praying always helps me find inner peace and make me happy.

I can say for sure at the end of this post I may be alone but I got my culture and religion. We have come alone to this world and will die alone so no one can say they will take their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend with them, good deeds in this world and praying to show appreciation for what you have everyday to Allah (God) is what will help you after this life.

Naveed Ahmed