Marketing Strategy (Essay Ideas – Problem)

After thoroughly searching many of the Journal websites that the University of Sunderland provides to its students for free I hit a major problem. There are no journals on a particular product line from any alcohol companies; Smirnoff is not even recognised on the Emerald site. However there are reports that I can download which are related to social responsibility and how it is affecting young people. I have downloaded many journals as I will need them for the later stages of my Marketing Strategy Essay Report.

Will have to report to my tutor and ask her if I could use the Financial Times or any other website if I am unable to collect information. Not too worried as I know I will continue investigating the internet and official reports to find a suitable product line for my essay, obviously I will not share any information on where I found those reports but I will blog my progress.


Market Strategy Updated (May 2011)

If it is difficult to find any journals then it is best a PDF is downloaded by Googling the companies name. For example Diageo always has annual reports published which illustrate the market share of each product and compares itself to its competitors.

If anymore help is needed then just leave a comment.


Marketing Strategy (Essay Ideas)

I feel I need to decide which alcohol product line I need to research and use for my assignment which is due in 11th December 2010. First week of University and already am having to worry about an assignment. Its not good when you’re the type of person who can’t sleep until you have some basic research carried out straight away. Currently I think I might go for a Bacardi product which will be easy to locate in the library journal. A large company is a obvious choice because there will be many articles about the product and any comparisons that have been made by other organisations will help me understand the current market. I see it as a problem because it means someone has researched the product and am only collecting different information to create my own report, would be nice to do a small product line but I will not be able to reference them to any articles which mean less marks.

Hopefully by the weekend I will have researched something and decided on which product I will further investigate. I will be posting throughout my investigation. Be free to leave comments on what you think throughout this research.


Finished this assignment and it was good. I suggest starting your work as early as possible when it involves any strategy/plan or report regarding Marketing. Marketing is done through thorough research and if you need to create a strategy/plan or report then you need to carry out research, research material that is accumulated over a period of time.