Facebook Users Want To Look Good

A recent study in Britain illustrates that Facebook users are more concerned about their physical appearance in photos and less about their intelligence. This is an issue that I am always talking about on my Facebook status updates and my Tweets on my Twitter account. I am always asking much of the British or Newcastle female gender why they can’t take a photo without showing much of their naked body. Many Facebook or Twitter users I have come across can’t take a photo without showing their legs, chest or stomach.

Many would agree that much of the Facebook and Twitter users in Britain are careless and do whatever they want without any limits, self-respect or personal moral. In the study 56 per cent of the 4,374 people admitted they’re more concerned about their physical appearance in photos on social network and not their intelligence. Those in other European countries and the Middle East indicate in the study that they care more for intelligence and how they are perceived.

It clearly indicates from the study that British people are not concerned about how they are perceived from intelligence but what perception they portray from photos. Many of the users photos do be perceived as being ‘careless’, ‘spoilt’, ‘no morals’ and much more. The issue is that many other countries in Europe and East are improving their intelligence and over-taking Britain as manufacturers, designers, constructers, research and etc.

This recent study is showing us that much of the British people are insecure about themselves and trying to create a mask to hide who we really are through lying to others. The study indicates that only 34 per cent of men in Britain admitted to lying online to cover up their insecurities but 45 per cent of women were doing the same.

The difference is of course very clear and tells us that we do not have much self-respect or morals that we stick to. Many of the women upload photos of them doing some sort of ‘sexy pose’ to seek attention from the men and receive numerous comments and likes. That is a major problem because women are relying on that to be satisfied with their appearance and are attracting the wrong attention at the wrong time from men who perceive them as ‘easy-to-get’.

Women have no one to blame but themselves if they are being treated as a piece of meat or ‘easy-to-get’ by men from the interactions they are receiving. Women create that perception online and then men perceive them as being who they are because of their online lying to cover up the insecurities. Many of the women are having difficulties finding a decent relationship because of how men are treating them at the present. This causes women to not trust any genuine decent men because of bad experience with those who only wanted them for their physical appearance.

The study also found that 89 per cent of users believe that parents should take a bigger hand in this and teach their children better online etiquette. This suggestion does make me laugh because this is not possible in this modern British society with very low standard morals but Britain was not always like this. Back in the day if you have watched any documenteries British men were gentlemen and women were polite and respected their own body.

If today someone who was a man or women who confronted another man or women about being more decent in their appearance then they would be offended and kick-off about it in a violent manner. Many of the places I have seen and been to in the Asian part of the world have some set of morals and self-respect, example in my family we don’t want to be perceived as people with no respect. In Muslim or Pakistani society we have great self-respect and ensure we do nothing to make our family members (e.g. parents) feel/be ashamed in the Asian/Muslim community. If some British people set some for themselves like some of the cultures around the world have then there wouldn’t’ be this problem.

I only hope that this changes because I prefer to be in the company of someone who is concerned about their intelligence and not appearance. Someone who is only concerned about their appearance does not have much to talk about that is interesting except themselves and majority of it can be lies to cover up insecurities. Think about this study and what I have said, visit some of your social networking accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc) and have a look at what you see.

You will notice that many of the women young or old take a lot of their photos with their legs exposed with very little shorts/skirts, chest and stomach exposed while doing a ‘sexy pose’ by bending one leg and pushing in the stomach.

This in human nature usually is done to attract men because men are attracted to women showing their sensitive parts and the hour glass figure via the exposed stomach and back. It’s a signal to men that she would be suitable to have children with, human instinct which men have and can’t avoid.

So all I will say is STOP it British women and show off your intelligence and not your insecurities through body exposure. It will only get you the wrong attention and then you will get used for just pleasure by random men until you are a pregnant and unwanted for not having the appearance anymore or the intelligence.

Check the study by clicking the link below:



Viddy Review

What can I say about this App, there is Instagram that amazes us with its wonderful filters and then there is Cinemagram that helps us be very creative but this App Viddy is just as amazing as the rest.

Viddy is an incredible App which I would have loved to have 5 years ago to record the amazing things that I was doing then. There was no social network which was mainstream and mobiles phones were not as good as todays smartphones with high quality cameras. This App can be used by anyone who wants to record a short 15 second video to raise awareness or just post a message to their followers, celebrities like Rihanna also use it and record it on a personal camera.

When I started using this App I had few followers but as you start using it more and capture videos the followers count goes up and up. I would say “any video will do” because  that is the whole point of this App. It is fun to use and just addictive with it’s special effects and soundtracks.

An App like this is highly recommended and should be on your smartphone just incase you are out somewhere and see something funny or wonderful that you want to capture and share with the World. Viddy interlinks with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and even Pinterest. Many of your friends on those social networks have the opportunity to see the short videos you captured.

In my video review I did state that Viddy could be improved by giving users the option to multi-task, one example would be that a user might want to record another video while the previous video is uploading or use another App. The problem I found was that I could not close the App or do anything else because any video that was uploading would be cancelled and I certainly didn’t want that to happen. Viddy might release some updates to solve that issue but overall the App is exciting, positive and a useful tool to have in anyones pocket.






The End of Hotmail

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

We all know what Hotmail is and we grew up using hotmail for many years. Do you remember when Windows/Microsoft had the chat rooms which were soon shut down because of users that abused the service.

Windows Live Messenger is one tool for chatting with friends we still used to use a 4-5 years ago but recently social networking has decreased the usage of the chatting tool. Much of the present world are using some sort of social network to communicate with other people. Social networks have benefits of having a ‘Timeline’ and many other benefits that Microsoft could not compete with in a timely manner.

I am not sure about other people but I do not use much of Windows Live Messenger or Hotmail because I integrated my email account with my GMail account. I did this because a few years ago GMail had a mobile App and I needed it to check my email on the go which Hotmail could not do.

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regarding Windows Live Messenger I never use it because I have many social network accounts which take up much of my time. This certain tool does not help find any new or existing friends without their email address while a social network such as Facebook or Twitter suggests users that you might know and can add/follow.

However Hotmail is not Outlook and users can still access their email account.

Best Twitter parody accounts you need to follow

Helping to bring a smile to your tweeting face, here’s our pick of the the 10 Twitter parody accounts that are definitely worth a follow.

Twitter’s 140-character limit makes it a prime target for the witty one liners, and while the ones being impersonated might not find it so funny, it makes for brilliant retweet fodder.

With an official policy to crack down on the Twitter impersonators, we’ve weeded out ten of the best that we think could add a comedic twist to your twitter feed before they get the axe.

Not Tilda Swinton

One of the most equally bizarre and successful parody accounts, NotTildaSwinton is now unfortunately inactive. Only active for a mere five days, the ethereal musings of NotTildaSwinton gained over 30,000 followers over a series of a couple of hundred tweets. Born out of a suspicious awe for the actress Tilda Swinton, this parody takes you into a peculiar world that includes nature worship and a bat she birthed called Theremiah…

Twitter Handle@NotTildaSwinton

Sample Tweet: I once waded the entire length of the Nile. I lost an arm to a hippo, but won it back in a game of Charades. I am stronger for it.

Not Mark Zuckerberg

Mainly poking fun at other social media sites, especially Google+, the Facebook founder’s parody account is worth a follow. Even just for the jokes about Facebook privacy settings that are bound to give you a chuckle.

Twitter Handle@notzuckerberg

Sample Tweet: So that movie, “The Social Network”, opens today. I really want to dislike it, but I can’t. Because I didn’t make a button for that.

Barack Obama

Despite the real Barack Obama having over 17 million followers, ThePresObama has much more comic flair. Still boasting an impressive 43,000 subscribers, this parody account subverts the daily activities of the American president with great aplomb.

Twitter Handle@ThePresObama

Sample Tweet: Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. You still have health care. Thank me, maybe.

Elizabeth Windsor

Yes, even Her Royal Highness has a parody Twitter account. Hilariously gin-centric, she has some very comical comment on the Royal family, the Government and current affairs. Often referring to herself in the third person, good old Liz is a jovial must-have for your feed.

Twitter Handle@Queen_UK

Sample Tweet: A-Level results day tomorrow. Mr Osborne is hoping to have finally passed Maths; Mr Cameron had to retake politics. Mr Clegg did pottery.

The Batman

Get your fill of Batman banter with this comically aggressive account. Commenting on his superhero superiority, The Batman’s narcissism also extends to his opinion on other everyday events for some quick witted posts.

Twitter Handle@God_Damn_Batman

Sample Tweet: I’m making Robin see Hunger Games. As long as he’s going to fight like a girl, he might as well learn how to do it well.

Prince Charles

Yet another royal parody account, but this one sees Prince Charles making some hilarious comments on a huge variety of topics, ranging from straight jokes to sarky comments on current affairs. If you fancy a quick chortle, check out Charles HRH’s classic Camilla tweets.

Twitter Handle@Charles_HRH

Sample Tweet: No, Camilla, Abu Qatada is not “a song from The Lion King”.

Not Yoko Ono

Even from Not Yoko’s bio you can gain a glimpse at the kind of tweets you can come to expect. Feeding off Yoko Ono’s own surreal Twitter account, Not Yoko exaggerates her bizarre philosophical mind splurges to comic effect.

Twitter Handle@Yokohnono

Sample Tweet: Write all your fears down on a piece of paper. Fold it into a pirate hat, put it on your head. There, now you’re a pirate. No fear.

Drunk George Osborne

The Chancellor of the Exchequer doesn’t tweet, except when he’s drunk. Or that’s what this parody account seems to suggest. With comic Cabinet gossip from the man “downing it in Downing Street”, expect political satire, tweets about David’s behaviour and the life of being an MP for Twitter titters galore.

Twitter Handle@OsborneDrunk

Sample Tweet: Totally baffled. We’ve aggressively attacked the disabled, kids, women & the North and we’ve still gone into recession! It makes no sense!

Peter Molydeux

British game designer, Peter Molyneux, of Black and White and Fable fame, has become a subject for parody due to his tendency to announce rather ambitious industry-changing game concepts, often without delivering any results. Petermolydeux takes these game ideas to a whole new, often utterly hilarious, level.

Twitter Handle@PeterMolydeux

Sample Tweet: “Imagine controlling a tear, similar to Flower but instead of fields you navigate a naked body.”

The Dark Lord

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has abandoned his pursuit for Harry Potter to attack celebrity muggles on Twitter. With a particular hatred of Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and anything Twilight related, expect Harry Potter banter galore and bitterly comic celeb jibes.

Twitter Handle@Lord_Voldemort7

Sample Tweet: I bet Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter would’ve made more money at the box office if he was hunting the Cullens.

Not Big Sam

Barely relatable to the real Big Sam (Allardyce), Not Big Sam is a hilarious mix of random events, questionable language, drugs and alcohol. ‘Breathing fire over the wheat fields of the beautiful game’ indeed.

Twitter Handle@TheBig_Sam

Sample Tweet: I stood by the phone for a full 13 minutes in the dark, just imagining things. It was 1994. He had those blonde highlights. I’m only human.

Faux John Madden

D-shaped gridiron commentator John Madden is not on twitter, but fortunately this far more entertaining parody account is. Follow for sarcastic NFL insights.

Twitter Handle@fauxjohnmadden

Sample Tweet: If the Colts really wanted to see how Andrew Luck will look, they should have had 11 guys hit him the moment he snapped the ball.

Source: http://www.t3.com/features/best-twitter-parody-accounts

Twitter Should Have Bought Instagram

I was not very happy when Facebook bought Instagram because I wanted Twitter to have made the acquisition. Personally I just feel Twitter would do better a job with Instagram and keep it simple and integrate it into the social network. Facebook does not plan to make any changes to Instagram and make it similar to it’s social network. Facebook has said it wants Instagram remain how it is and not be effected in anyway.

I guess Facebook knows Instagram’s potential and do not want to lose all the users that Instagram has at the moment. Post your opinions on my video on YouTube or on this blog post.