Living With Artificial Intelligence


Where Is The AI Now?

You may ask where is this Artificial Intelligence we are always seeing talked about in the media?
The answer is it is rapidly growing like no other technology ever has in the last 50 years. If we look in the past at our technological achievements we can identify the time period it took us to develop and install them into our society as a norm. For example mobile phones and personal computers took decades for them to be accepted and used in our societies everyday life. However AI is something which does not need time to develop.

Artificial Intelligence is already a norm in our society but we just don’t realise the part it plays. A lot of it is used to process orders online and other analysis. Gradually we are now bringing this AI within human contact with devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google. Our society as humans is making that demand grow for AI to be in our homes and to help our life become easier and convenient via weather questions and ordering groceries with your voice alone.

These are all stages of AI development without us noticing. Technology such as this is also being integrated into transport, offices and shops. Integration of such technology is always exciting and demanded everywhere to make our life easy and give us that time to spend either working efficiently or spending time with family. Now we’ll come back to efficiency later on.

AI has many benefits for the human society but it does have many downfalls which we are not considering or realising quick enough. Have you ever considered what would happen if we start depending on the AI more than we require and start forgetting what’s been in our human nature since we been on this Earth. Several questions can be asked when we start talking about AI. For instance what is our purpose if AI is being depended on and what will happen to our roles in society if we are seen unproductive and inefficient.

I told you we’ll come back to efficiency. If the AI is doing everything better than us then that is a major risk for us humans. No one is really thinking about this and seeing this as a threat because it all seems exciting at first.
Already in articles from around the world you can see them causing problems for our society. AI integration is already being considered for transport of goods at ports, public transport and the office environment. Many people will lose jobs to the AI at ports for efficiency and cost-cutting moreover same can be said with public transport.

Did you see where else the AI is slowly being integrated into?
Yes, Offices and workplaces.
Many of us in society aren’t saying anything or even referring to what Hollywood has taught us about AI in movies. We all know in movies the AI in some way or another develops at a level where it has self-awareness and determines we are the weak link.

Do you not personally think AI at out workplace is dangerous to us all?
From the many articles I have seen I was caught out with one regarding Amazon in April 2019. I had read that Amazon has integrated AI into it’s Human Resources for analysing it’s workforce and determining whether there employees (Humans) are efficient and productive to stay employed. It was amazing to read that the AI has been set to analyse a certain level of efficiency and productivity. If employees are below that standard they are first issued warnings and if it continues the AI sacks the employee without running it through any manager first.

Yes this is our future. Believe it or not other corporations will integrate AI to cut costs and make themselves competitive in the market if others are using AI. Offices will be run by Artificial Intelligence where us Humans will be under pressure to perform by a machine that has no sympathy for your health or personal life issues.

Personally I’m not against technology but if it’s something that will be our downfall or make us a society of dependent children who have to rely on a machine to do everything for us then we are not progressing as Humans.

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The Rich & Poor

I’m not going to go into detail about this and just state that the rich get richer by fooling people or taking advantage and the poor get poorer for having a good heart. Simply put this means that people who are good and poor are seen as weak humans in today’s world and the rich see them that way in particular. They are seen as weak humans because they don’t do the awful things that only greedy, selfish and stuck-up people do. This is just one reason why you will see some of the people who are extremely rich or successful are always the ones who are corrupt and find a loophole to take advantage of average human beings moreover the government.

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Muslims Who Are Not Really Muslims

This isn’t being judgemental or any other crap so I don’t want some stupid comments. Some people are in denial and don’t admit that they portray themselves as Muslims but do disgusting things which no religion would accept.

There are some people who deceive their family members. They are very used to lying all their life that they can’t stop themselves and lie to everyone and never admit their fault. Disgusting how some can have be married and be cheating on them while keeping them locked in the house and not letting them do anything they want. Why get married if you don’t tend to fulfill the basic duties as a partner no matter what religion you are from.

Plus these sick people who are seen as respectable people in society because of education or job can be child molesters who deserve to be locked away. In what way are these people Muslim when they’ve done all this in their life and can’t stop themselves from ruining other peoples lives. Of course other people are going to be outraged when a evil disgusting person is seen as respectable and part of a company when they are not aware that person has molested children. People live their lives like this deceiving others and it’s their way of life and this world is so fucked up that there is no justice.

The victim in the community is always made to feel more horrible and feel ashamed if they go forward and tell what’s happened to them. This includes rape and other stuff that can happen to people. They get treated that way because they think it’s the victims fault for getting themselves in that situation. How is anyone meant to predict when they will get raped or assaulted no matter where they go or what situation they are in?

One thing I can say is that as Humans we may not see everything that happens but God (ALLAH SWT) sees everything you do and will be punished soon. This life is short and they might think they’ve got away with it but you have to answer to your sins very very soon when your stop arrives.

Hard Life

I’ve always had to work hard myself to achieve any goals that I set for myself. They were never easy like it is for some, things always went bad for me and I had to do stuff the hard way.

Long story but I’m kind of unlucky. But it has made me a strong person and I love to be faced with a challenge now because I feel very satisfied when I work hard and achieve anything.

There are many challenges I face at the moment involving family health problems, personal issues and other unlucky challenges I keep facing. I can never get what I want the easy way like some may be able to. I have to go through a lot before I finally achieve any goals.

I am really happy with the person I am today because having to work hard and not have it handed to me has made me mentally strong, confident, ambitious, enthusiastic and helpful. I feel great satisfaction from helping others who might have issues because I can connect with others and show compassion.

I don’t like to go on about myself so I will talk about something else now.

I believe this World we live in can be much better if we could be patient and not let ourselves become angry over small issues. Everyone has to face some sort of challenge in life to get what they want and there are some who can’t and resort to making others feel bad or taking it from them.

There is still some discrimination in this World and it is not perfect. I never felt any of that in University because of everyone being from different backgrounds. Together we are able to be effective by using the knowledge and advantages from our cultures. Individually we have some weaknesses and that does not help. As I said working together with different people helps us become better.

Most important point I wanted to make is that living in Newcastle for many years I have always felt that my family and myself have never felt accepted by our own kind (Pakistani Community). I don’t know if this is because of wealth, status or what. I hate the fact that many girls who have well off parents consider themselves to be better than others and be stuck up when talking to anyone who isn’t. They forget that at one time their ancestors were living in Pakistan and maybe not well-off. A person should not be like that to others because your fortune in life can change in a second.

I don’t like these divisions we have in our own culture/community. It causes issues between people and makes someone who is less unfortunate for a period to accept the challenge and work hard to show them they are not low class people. This actually is good in some ways because hunger to be someone drives you very hard to achieve your goals. To people like me and others who have that drive actually are put in a situation where they believe anything is possible. Just think of the Rocky movies that show someone who is unfortunate and because of the situation he is in he just has to achieve his goals. The hunger and drive of a person can help achieve anything. When someone is not in a bad situation and is surrounded by a family with no issues they may not feel the urge to achieve that success.

I am not saying people who have a healthy family environment or financial stability do not achieve anything. I am stating that if you are in a family environment where people are depending on your success and drive to bring stability then you will face the impossible to make it possible. We are natural survivors and the situations we are born into or put into can not be helped because we don’t decide the environment. So anyone who looks down upon another or can not even communicate with their own kind (humans, pakistani, british etc) is not a good person at all.

I have experienced it many times when Pakistani girls judge you straight away and don’t communicate in any friendly or human manner. They will see you as some burden if you can not help them gain anything in life, for example many I’ve realised in Newcastle are looking for the rich guy who they can marry and leech off from. At University many of my friends were from different backgrounds but none of the girls were from my own background (Pakistani). Why? Well because they chose very carefully who they wanted to talk to and usually it was the guys who had the expensive car and wealthy family. These kind of differences would hurt me a lot and make me feel as if I had to prove something.

In the end I didn’t bother with them because I would not waste my time on people who are so materialistic and full of pride with no rock solid foundations of life. I just dislike Pakistani girls in Newcastle because they are the most stubborn and stuck-up. You would say “Hi” in person, Facebook or Twitter and you would get this look or reaction as if you’re a piece of garbage. I would rather marry a Pakistani girl from Pakistan any day of the week instead of any Pakistani girl in the UK. They have no consideration for religion, culture or tradition. All they see is how wealthy a guy is and if they can marry him and not have to live any kind of hard life. They want a life full of leisure and no hard work like our Pakistani ancestors had. I would not want a person in my life who raised my/her children to have things handed to them on a plate.