When Facebook Users Try To Control Your Life!

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You may wonder how is it possible for another Facebook user to even attempt to control your life when nothing on Facebook is actually real. Well they try to control you in every aspect before you even decide to post a status or photo and even comment on anything they have posted. You begin to think what you might post which will appeal to everyone and keep everyone happy but we all know very well that you can never please everyone.

If you decide to post a lot of status updates or photos then people start complaining about it by posting a status or commenting on anything you have posted. The whole point of social networking is to share furthermore there is no limit to how much you can or should share. If an individual wants his/her Tweets to be posted on Facebook via Twitter link-up then why shouldn’t he/she do that. An individual should not have to consider what others may think because the Internet is a place where anyone can say whatever they want to a certain limit. Many people on Facebook get abusive just because someone who is on their list has posted numerous tweets which are related to the latest trending topics. Facebook users try to control your life by saying that their ‘News Feed‘ is covered with your posts. In other terms Facebook users want others to somehow guess what their ‘News Feed’ must look like before posting anything.

It is not possible for an individual to know how another users Facebook ‘News Feed’ may look like because they don’t have access to that information. A Facebook user may have many friends and that determines how full your ‘News Feed’ may get if they regularly post content. Basically if your not going to make any effort to talk to another user then why accept their ‘Friend Request’ or even send one. From experience I have seen certain individuals who just stick to a certain group of people and never make changes in their life and communicate with the same people on a daily basis. They don’t like breaking barriers and communicating with someone new who can make them feel more refreshed for a few days or weeks.