Living With Artificial Intelligence


Where Is The AI Now?

You may ask where is this Artificial Intelligence we are always seeing talked about in the media?
The answer is it is rapidly growing like no other technology ever has in the last 50 years. If we look in the past at our technological achievements we can identify the time period it took us to develop and install them into our society as a norm. For example mobile phones and personal computers took decades for them to be accepted and used in our societies everyday life. However AI is something which does not need time to develop.

Artificial Intelligence is already a norm in our society but we just don’t realise the part it plays. A lot of it is used to process orders online and other analysis. Gradually we are now bringing this AI within human contact with devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google. Our society as humans is making that demand grow for AI to be in our homes and to help our life become easier and convenient via weather questions and ordering groceries with your voice alone.

These are all stages of AI development without us noticing. Technology such as this is also being integrated into transport, offices and shops. Integration of such technology is always exciting and demanded everywhere to make our life easy and give us that time to spend either working efficiently or spending time with family. Now we’ll come back to efficiency later on.

AI has many benefits for the human society but it does have many downfalls which we are not considering or realising quick enough. Have you ever considered what would happen if we start depending on the AI more than we require and start forgetting what’s been in our human nature since we been on this Earth. Several questions can be asked when we start talking about AI. For instance what is our purpose if AI is being depended on and what will happen to our roles in society if we are seen unproductive and inefficient.

I told you we’ll come back to efficiency. If the AI is doing everything better than us then that is a major risk for us humans. No one is really thinking about this and seeing this as a threat because it all seems exciting at first.
Already in articles from around the world you can see them causing problems for our society. AI integration is already being considered for transport of goods at ports, public transport and the office environment. Many people will lose jobs to the AI at ports for efficiency and cost-cutting moreover same can be said with public transport.

Did you see where else the AI is slowly being integrated into?
Yes, Offices and workplaces.
Many of us in society aren’t saying anything or even referring to what Hollywood has taught us about AI in movies. We all know in movies the AI in some way or another develops at a level where it has self-awareness and determines we are the weak link.

Do you not personally think AI at out workplace is dangerous to us all?
From the many articles I have seen I was caught out with one regarding Amazon in April 2019. I had read that Amazon has integrated AI into it’s Human Resources for analysing it’s workforce and determining whether there employees (Humans) are efficient and productive to stay employed. It was amazing to read that the AI has been set to analyse a certain level of efficiency and productivity. If employees are below that standard they are first issued warnings and if it continues the AI sacks the employee without running it through any manager first.

Yes this is our future. Believe it or not other corporations will integrate AI to cut costs and make themselves competitive in the market if others are using AI. Offices will be run by Artificial Intelligence where us Humans will be under pressure to perform by a machine that has no sympathy for your health or personal life issues.

Personally I’m not against technology but if it’s something that will be our downfall or make us a society of dependent children who have to rely on a machine to do everything for us then we are not progressing as Humans.

Will be posting more regularly…so keep reading.


Guess Who’s Back?

Office desk with notebook computer and wording Blog.Top View table from above with copy space

Wow I just realised it’s been 5 years since I last wrote something on my Blog. Must have lost some followers by now but thank you to anyone who still follows.

I have had a busy period in my life where I’ve focused on my life and achieved what I wanted to. I’m a married guy with a cute little daughter who is 2 years old. So you can understand where my attention has been needed most.

During that period I have also been paying attention on my career and now I am at a position where I can start blogging again. The world has changed so much and I can’t say I didn’t see much of it coming. Read some of my previous posts from many years ago regarding Google and how we will view content in the future. I’ve got to say I was correct with most of the things I stated.
We now spend most of our time viewing content from paid subscriptions and well Google is a big part of it because they own YouTube. Who doesn’t view videos from that service as well?

Now just to manage the expectations of people who will be new to my blog or will be looking forward to my posts I can state that I will be writing new posts regarding the current issues we are facing in society involving technology and environment.

You don’t want to miss my post regarding Technology as we will address what I’ve mentioned several years ago about how we will misuse technology and the consequences we face in the present.

Statigram the Web Viewer of Instagram

Statigram is the best website to view photos from Instagram, photos that you may have uploaded or anyone else you are following. On this website you have more space available to view many photos at one time compared to the small screen on your iPhone, Android or tablet. A computer screen just can’t be beat when you want to relax and not have to fiddle with your fingers to view some photos.

The website presents a grid view of photos similar to what Twitter used to offer on a users photos archive but they don’t anymore. It was a big disappointment!

Below are screenshots of Statigram and the numerous advantages that it offers to Instagram users. I would like to also point-out that you do not have to create an account for Statigram as you can login with your Instagram account.

 – – The screenshots of my account and statistics are tailored to your activity and are different for every user. – –

Statigram Homepage:
– After you login with your Instagram account you will see photos from the users you follow.

Your Statistics Page:
– This page will present you with information about how many; photos you have uploaded, people have liked and have commented. Number of Following, Followers and growth of them.

– Statistics on Follower engagement regarding likes and comments. Also statistics on engagement of those who are not Followers.

Numerous Statistics:
– Content Statistics regarding; Number of recent photos this month and Most used filter and tag.
– Engagement Statistics regarding; Average likes/comments received per photo and Percentage of difference from previous month.

– Follower Statistics regarding; Number of growth, Percentage of growth difference from previous month, Followers gained & lost and Your 10 most engaged followers.

– Post History Statistics regarding; Date of first post and Photos per month.
Graph displaying number of photos in current year compared to previous year.

– Density Statistics displaying Photos posted on what day and hour.
– Filter Usage Statistics regarding; Most used Filter and a Pie chart with percentages of usage of filters.
– Tag Statistics regarding; Most used tag and Percentage of tagged and no tag.
Geolocation Statistics displaying percentage of photos with location and no location.

– Like Received Statistics regarding; Source of likes (Followers or Non-Followers), Growth history and Most liked photos ever.

– Comment Received Statistics regarding; Source (Followers or Non-Followers) Growth history and Most commented photos ever.

– Best Time To Post Statistics regarding; Your current posting habbits and Interactions from your community. This information helps you understand when your community responds to your posts and when is the best time to post them for the highest engagement.
– Photo Average Lifespan graph displays how fast your community comments on a photo you post. It also shows after how long you can usually consider that a photo will not receive anymore comments.

– Filter Impact Statistics presents information on which filters are triggering most Likes and Comments.
– Tag Impact Statistics; Compare the tag you use and the most popular tags. Top tags get searched often (try using them when relevant).

– Typology Statistics regarding; Number of Followers and Followings, Followers you don’t Follow back, Reciprocal relationship and Followers who don’t Follow you back.

– Account Growth Statistics regarding; number of Followers and Followings, New Followers last 7 days/more than a week, Lost Followers last 7 days/more than a week and New Followings last 7 days/more than a week.

– People You Enjoy Statistics regarding; Your last 300 Likes given (To Followings & Not Followings), Top 5 Followings and People you may want to Follow.

– Promote Everywhere are tools to help promote your profile. For instance, Public URL and Follow Buttons.

– Promote on Facebook are tools to add Feed Tab For Fanpage and Timeline Box.

– Promotion on Facebook via Profile Cover. A tool on Statigram that generates a Profile Cover for your Facebook from your Instagram photos.