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Follow me on Twitter if you like casual and random conversations with a well educated (Business Background) person. I Tweet random things but they are unique and sometimes just to express how I feel just like this blog. Sometimes they are thoughtful, intelligent Tweets and sometimes they are just in the moment.

Also I have developed two lists since joining Twitter. These lists contain any Newcastle Twitter followers I’ve come across. This is vast knowledge and can help anyone trying to read up-to-date Tweets just from Newcastle. However I follow 2,000 Tweeps now and I can not add anymore unless my number of followers from 540 are increased. So please follow me!

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10 ways to increase your Twitter followers

Does your Twitter following need a bit of a boost? Take a look at our top tips to increase your Twitter followers for some help.

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In case you didn’t know, 13 – 17 February is, apparently, the third annual Social Media Week. Why exactly social media deserves an entire week in its honour we’re not quite sure, but it does at least give us the perfect opportunity to share MSN‘s collective wisdom on that trickiest of subjects – how to increase (and keep) your Twitter followers.

Tweet well and tweet often

This one should be obvious, but it’s worth reiterating. Twitter isn’t a medium where your audience will easily burn out if you overdo it – indeed, it’s the way Twitter is meant to be used. Keep tweeting to make sure your posts stay at the top of your followers’ feeds, but keep an eye on the quality of your tweets – it’s easy to tell if someone’s tweeting for the sake of it, and your followers count will drop accordingly.

Retweet, retweet, retweet

Retweeting does exactly what it says on the tin – the Twitter equivalent of clicking ‘forward’ on that email round-robin that’s going around the office. By encouraging your followers to retweet your updates, and by judiciously retweeting others’, you can push your @username out further into the wild – netting you all kinds of new followers, not to mention the goodwill of those you retweet.

Identify yourself

Fill out your bio – it’s the only space Twitter gives you to tell people who you are outside the content of your tweets. It goes without saying that if someone doesn’t know anything about you, they’re far less likely to follow you. Obviously, this is the internet, so you don’t need to go overboard with the personal information – think of it as your space to pitch what makes you so amazing and worth following.

Pictures mean prizes

Tweet your pictures. Whether it’s a photo of a coma-inducing fried breakfast or a cat photoshopped to look like Hitler, pictures are often heavily retweeted – giving you all the more chance to capture those crucial extra followers. If you mostly tweet from your smartphone, use an app such as Tweetie or Twitterific for handy picture uploads on-the-go.

Talk about your passions

Whether you’re a crazed celebrity fan or make model sailing ships out of nostril hair, Twitter is the place to talk about your passions. Chances are if someone else is into it too, they’ll find you and follow you – quality content that’s easily accessible never fails. And if you #hashtag your tweets (see next) then you’ll be even easier to spot among the pack.

Use hashtags

The ‘#’ symbol, known as a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. Created by Twitter users themselves, this system makes for an easy way to categorise messages. Hashtagged words will show more easily in Twitter Search – meaning that your tweets are more likely to get noticed and acquire extra followers. As a certain corporately funded and inexplicably popular rodent would say – ‘simples’.

Know your memes

You can also pick up some extra followers by getting involved in #hashtag memes – the topics and conversations that are most popular (or ‘trending’) at any given time. Throw some witty (or just plain controversial) remarks into the mix and sit back and watch in amazement (or dismay) as the hordes of new followers flood (or trickle) in.

Link it up

Twitter isn’t some self-contained ecosystem. Indeed, part of its charm is that it can act as a filter (through the people you follow) to all kinds of fascinating web content that you may not otherwise have seen. It’s a door that swings both ways, so make sure you put links to your Twitter profile everywhere you can. Link it on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn and Digg profiles, your blog, email signature and anywhere else you have an online presence. The easier it is to find, the more followers you acquire.

Talk to your followers

The ‘social’ part of social media is often overlooked – meaning it’s easy to let your Twitter feed stagnate into a stream of ‘look at me’ ego-massaging that’s as boring as it is repetitive. So make sure you keep your followers engaged – retweet their stuff, offer up ‘Follow Friday‘ suggestions (hashtagged as #ff), strike up conversations and reply to direct messages; it makes your followers all the less likely to unfollow you, and they may even recommend you to their followers.

Ride the fame wave

If all else fails, you can always try piggybacking on someone else’s fame – keep an eye on the top Twitter users and pay attention to what they tweet. Reply with something interesting enough and there’s a good chance they’ll give you a retweet – leading to an instant follower bonanza. But just remember there’s a fine line between ‘fan’ and ‘stalker’ – replying to their tweet about the state of the economy is fine; tweeting a photo of their house taken from their garden bushes is a step too far.

Government Censoring Twitter

Twitter has made an announcement that local laws can censor certain tweets that are going forward based on a users location. No one can understand the reason for this decision to be made. Many Twitter users are furious about this decision because what this means is that many will have to think twice before tweeting anything controversial. I can just imagine Twitter users having their Tweets removed just because they said something against the government.

Do people remember 2011 being the year when people used Twitter to gather together and protest against the regime of the nation?

We doubt that can happen if Tweets are governed by local laws based on a users location. Many Twitter users as myself consider this to be a bad move because everyone should have the freedom to share whatever they want on the Internet, within certain limits. We might be having protests all around the World in the near future for our freedom to use the Internet to share how we feel just like many protested in the 60s and 70s for certain rights.

I can’t stop feeling that governments all around the World will cause more problems for humans in general by stopping people from expressing themselves in the modern world of the Internet. Many people will see handheld devices as technology that can not be utilisted 100% because we will fear what may happen to us if we share a Tweet, Facebook Status or even a blog post about something controversial.

As humans we change and improve by pushing the limits. If we do not have the freedom to push the limits then we can not change or improve. Many of us as average humans could not push those limits when there was no Internet but now with the help of social networking and websites such as YouTube we can share our feelings and interests.

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Many people have suggested that Twitter investors may be the main cause for this decision to be made, Saudi Prince is one of the investors.

Does this mean limits will be applied to social networks just because some investor (individual, organisation or government) does not like certain content being shared?

For example a Tweet regarding SOPA or anything else that causes negative publicity for individuals, cooperations and governments. Twitter and other social networks will no longer be a useful tool for broadcasting the latest news if local laws censor any material. Broadcasting news to the World is essential if a certain population wants to make other countries aware of a bad or good situation. For example during a protest or disaster people may need help and if another country identifies a major problem then they can intervene.

You may think the government of a country would ask for help but many do not if there is a protest taking place and so on. For example Egypt was one country who wanted a change in the government and the person who ran the nation. Much of the public and not the government was tweeting to raise awareness and seeking for help.

When Facebook Users Try To Control Your Life!

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You may wonder how is it possible for another Facebook user to even attempt to control your life when nothing on Facebook is actually real. Well they try to control you in every aspect before you even decide to post a status or photo and even comment on anything they have posted. You begin to think what you might post which will appeal to everyone and keep everyone happy but we all know very well that you can never please everyone.

If you decide to post a lot of status updates or photos then people start complaining about it by posting a status or commenting on anything you have posted. The whole point of social networking is to share furthermore there is no limit to how much you can or should share. If an individual wants his/her Tweets to be posted on Facebook via Twitter link-up then why shouldn’t he/she do that. An individual should not have to consider what others may think because the Internet is a place where anyone can say whatever they want to a certain limit. Many people on Facebook get abusive just because someone who is on their list has posted numerous tweets which are related to the latest trending topics. Facebook users try to control your life by saying that their ‘News Feed‘ is covered with your posts. In other terms Facebook users want others to somehow guess what their ‘News Feed’ must look like before posting anything.

It is not possible for an individual to know how another users Facebook ‘News Feed’ may look like because they don’t have access to that information. A Facebook user may have many friends and that determines how full your ‘News Feed’ may get if they regularly post content. Basically if your not going to make any effort to talk to another user then why accept their ‘Friend Request’ or even send one. From experience I have seen certain individuals who just stick to a certain group of people and never make changes in their life and communicate with the same people on a daily basis. They don’t like breaking barriers and communicating with someone new who can make them feel more refreshed for a few days or weeks.